And a price in blood

Before the team could even get settled, benign forces worked to alter their paths….. Vician became a virtual prisoner of the leaders of Althusa, with the details unclear to his companions, even as a new member joined them, Phocaeas….

Apparently, as the butterfly galley leapt across the waves, coming westward, opposing forces pushed back, and Phocaeas was among the others who did not make it all the way to the river bank. Subsequently, Altariel risked triangulating on the position of Leolite and forcing the passage across the planar barriers. Only time will tell if those efforts were detected.

The new foursome gathered their wits and explored the outer Keep, working in pairs or together to achieve their goals.

Priority for Takiir was to have his armor tinted red to avoid the stigma attached to the blue color. He also paid a fine to correct his registry at the gate, costing him 5 gold coins.
Leolite changed money and visited the Chapel, meeting Pao-pao.
Phocaeas ingratiated himself with the Priest at the Chapel.
Arradin had his plain sword reworked by the blacksmith.

Collectively, they ate lunch, finding the prices almost double their accustomed fare. A visit to the Guild Hall revealed much more information, as well as some free snacks. The blacksmith shared some valuable insights, along with the jewel merchant and his guards.

THEN…. the group equipped themselves and set off for the caves. Determined and enthusiastic to meet the enemy, they met with great success, of a sort. Viewing the valley with the cave entrances, Takiir assured them that he could learn much about the nature of the cave by just stepping inside.

Spoiling his plan, 8 kobold guards ambushed the group of 4. They met their end, but not without demanding a price in blood from the adventurers. Having acquitted themselves well, the adventurers cut the day short and returned in haste to the keep, feeling much more mortal than they had just a few hours before.


And Leolite used heal light wounds on himself!


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