Future Memories, or Deja Vu....

Staying on contact with the Base, Mykka and the others....

For the four in Althusa, the sights, sounds, and very definitely the smells of a foreign land surround them and nearly overtake their senses. Still, like a daydream or wandering of the imagination, they can sense the transit of their Elven Emissaries across the unsteady sea.
p. So far, things have been going “according to plan” with little interference from the local Planar Pantheons…. However, an admonishment from Zurran to the others brings back the cold reality that there is still some form of interference that interrupts their ability to reach back to Lady Altariel and Lord Lerond…. Worse yet, not all the Emissaries made the transit “intact.”
p. Fortunately, there appear to be no consequences to suffering from the jamming or squelch, beyond temporarily fading out of existence.
p. (Somewhere in this revelation you come to the realization that Lady Altariel must have accepted risk on your behalf, without laying it out for you to consider…. What if there had been worse consequences? They did not know for sure! What if only half of your body materialized on this plane? Would you bleed out on both planes of existence, or just cease to exist entirely? They seem to be congratulating themselves for getting it right, while have to wonder about the alternative….. What else might they have gotten wrong???? Then again, you did sign on with the assurance that NOTHING IS ASSURED! You remember them saying that many times, but perhaps the details were lost in the fine runes at the bottom of the scroll?)
p. Perhaps their is a silver lining within the leafy “sails” of Mykka…. Could you anticipate some reinforcements now that you have made landfall?



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