Leolite's Log


An accounting of recent events: by Leolite Meliamne
For the benefit of my companions who so ungraciously left us as goblin chow…

As I sit in the inn, of the Keep of Althusa, it occurs to me that someone ought to keep a record of recent events — largely for the benefit of our companions who frequently phase in and out of this plane and location. This will allow us to keep one another abreast of our situation, so that we all might equally be prepared to face the evils in our path. Therefore, I have determined to write this very accounting myself. Perhaps, if I ever phase out of this plane, one of my companions will be gracious enough to do the same. My account comes in three parts: 1.) Statues, 2.) Ogres, and 3.) Zombie Dogs. I will try to be brief…

1.) Statues
You will recall, er last we were together, we were delving into the dark and insidious caves, north of the Keep. With the alarm sounding, and enemies sure to be approaching, we ducked into the nearest cave and dispatched six goblins. After this relatively successful bout of combat, we had noticed at least 6 more goblins coming down the righthand path. Acting quickly we ducked down the tunnel the original six had come from. Unfortunately for us, this was a dead end, containing nothing but a large bronze (and hollow) statue of a grotesque goblinoid figure. While Phocaeas tried to determine if it’s stick was a lever, their approaching Goblin priest, likely a cleric of sorts, cried out a prayer to their God. Unfortunately for us their God must have responded, for 6 bloody axes came whirling out of nowhere taking three of you out of phase with this plane. Surrounded, outnumbered, with a wooden barrier being stacked up so that the goblins might smoke us out of the alcove, we sprung into action — fighting for all we are worth. As we prepared to make a break down the righthand path, Arradin suddenly popped back into the alcove.
2.) Ogres
With the addition of a forth member, suddenly it seemed we might stand a chance. My healing spells were keeping the party alive, while Phocaes, Daresh, and Arradin were thinning their numbers. I even caught the goblin cleric on fire with an improvised molotov, causing him to flee even faster. What we were not aware of at the time, is that the words the goblin cleric was shouting were actually a call for an Ogre to take part in the fighting. The Ogre, named something akin to Barbar, (i’m not really sure, it’s hard to hold on to such minute details from the heat of battle) came charging down the tunnel — knocking the goblin cleric against the wall, and myself taking a hit and falling prone. The Ogre was tough. Daresh actually passed out from his wounds twice, his bravery only matched by his lack of survival instinct, and myself only being able to revive him once. Phocaeas has no such lack… greatly wanting to survive he dashed down the righthand passage… perhaps “scouting.” I am told he took out the weakened goblin cleric with a swift smack on the head. Meanwhile, Arradin and I were able to dispatch to Ogre, riddling it with arrows, and dodging its deadly swings. At the encounter’s conclusion we were able to stabilize our wounded companion, wrap him in a bear skin, and drag him along in our swift escape. A quick scour of the Ogre’s lair led Phocaeas to find a set of Ogre spoons, something he hopes will be valuable.
3.) Zombie Dogs
Back at the keep we were quickly healed, and we relayed our findings to Tharsavorsa. We were able to rest, eat, and drink. Some took their armor to be repaired. As we sat in our revelry, glad to be alive another day, we heard a commotion outside the tavern. One of the guards dogs had taken off, and was acting strangely. Springing into action, we began to investigate, sneaking closer and trying to determine what sort of danger we might be facing. I noticed that the dog, whimpering and seeming to ooze, was about half as warm as it should be. Just as we were making a plan of action, Daresh strode forward with his lantern to see what’s what. Upon being illuminated, we were able to see clearly the figure of a dog, without flesh, oozing blood and dripping fur. Obviously an unnatural evil, I loosed an arrow hoping to dispatch it quickly. The fighting was fast and fierce, and Daresh was bitten in on the arm before Phocaeas was able to destroy the beast with a strike to the head with his staff. The priest Powpow was able to discern an evil presence around the fountain, but nothing beyond that. Daresh had his bite cleansed in holy water, but many of us are still skeptical about whether it will have an adverse affect on him or not. I have heard of such things causing a man to go mad. We even considered amputation… We will have to watch him closely from now on.

At present, we have done all we can. We plan to go back to the caves in the morning, and have outlined a strategy we hope will lead to better success. I only hope our other companions are well, and can rejoin us in this strange land. Corellon knows we need allies here…

Corellon’s blessing on us all,
Leolite Meliamne



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