Session 1: 0 Experience
Session 2: 100 Base + 32/4 Players (4 Kobolds) – as I recall – Chapter “0 – Prolog”
Session 3: 300 Base Each Per Hours (3 hours, 100 each hour of play)
+100 Base: Mission Start – Chapter “1”
+64/4 (8 Kobolds) = 16
Total = 416
Intersession: Each task accomplished earns XP…. 10 for the first, 20 for the second, etc.
1. Friend me on FB and send me a message (at least the word “Operational”)
2. Accept invitation to FB Group and comment at least “Absinthe”
3. Create an Obsidian Portal username, accept the invite to join Stag, comment in the forum with at least “Oath”
4. Take control of your character and post the Stats (Strength, etc.)
5. Add the basic description of your character (Race, height, weight, hair color and style, gender, clothing style, basic weapons)
6. Add a background to your character.
7. Add a symbol or picture to your character.
8. Text me your real name to 561-859-9586
9 Review the XP Log.
10. Email me your progress and any questions.

Total available without bonuses, 550 Experience Points.

The next task that will accrue bonuses will be entering your “Elv” of characters, the other 4, with a growing level of detail.

Session 4: 6 Goblins at 8 XP apiece (I may have said 6 last night, meant 8). 3 hours of play, 300 + 8 for each of the 6 characters.


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