Hyril Ningel

Gnome - Fighter/Illusionist 1 - Chaotic Good


Stats: AC 5, HP Maximum 6 (fighter D10/ill.D4)
Strength: 17 (plus 1 atk., plus 1 dmg., plus 10% bonus exp.)
Dexterity 17 (react./atk. plus 2, def. -3)
Constitution 11
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

Can carry an additional 500 in Gold (weight)
Infra-vision up to 60’ in the Dark
Has a plus 1 to attacks against goblins and kobolds
When attacked by: gnolls, bugbears, ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, titans. (Subtract 4 from attack)
When Underground: Detect grade or slope 80%, Detect unsafe walls 70%, Determine Depth Underground 60%, Determine direction of travel 50%.

Languages Known: Common, Dwarvish, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Kobold, Ogreish, Lizardman, and burrowing mammals.

Proficient with: Military Pick (Footmans), Short Bow, Trident, Daggers.
Non-Weapon Profs: Foraging and Alertness


It seemed a horrible twist of chance, the day that “the general’s” men found the small gnomish village of Pock. A peaceful village, and secluded, humans hadn’t visited it’s grassy knolls in nearly a century. Not that the gnomes hadn’t interacted with humans in that long, but interacting with humans was always a choice for the gnomes, largely for business purposes. Humans never came to the village. Likely, they couldn’t have found it if they tried. So it was with surprise that Hyril and the rest of the village watched five gruff looking men ride through the center of town chasing a wounded deer. So intent on their chase were they that they nearly missed the village altogether, but as they neared the end of town one of them hollered for the rest to halt.

This unexpected discovery was the start of a new era of oppression for the village of Pock. As it turns out, the closest human town had recently been overrun by bandits, their leader called General Haseid; but most people just called him “The General.” The day The General’s men discovered Pock, they reported back to their human base, leading The General himself and 40 more of his men back to the village. They made a show of power, killing 10 of the elders; they looted and pillaged, but they left the village largely intact. After their showing, the General made it clear, life in Pock would never be the same. Every other week, he would send men to pick up food, valuables, and other goods. If the payment couldn’t me made, he would kill another gnome. With few warriors in the village, the gnomes had little recourse but to obey.

Times were hard after that. There were no more dances or celebrates. The gnomes struggled just to get by. But still, they persevered, and they found joy in little things. It was especially hard on the younger gnome generations. In the face of this new oppressive system it seemed there was little to be hopeful for in the future.

Hyril Ningel was one of these gnomes, young and inexperienced, but with great capacity to learn. Hyril found comfort in the companionship of his closest friend and confidant Revy Roywyn Ryoko Raulnor. Hyril worked with his family collecting minerals and ore in a local quarry. This made him strong, used to working with a pick in his hands. While life seemed bearable, Hyril dreamed of a life of freedom.

Things progressed in much the same fashion, until the General got greedy. Things in the human town were in sharp decline, and the tax on the gnome village couldn’t sustain the lifestyle of the General and his men. This prompted him to require double the procurement of goods — an unsustainable and unreasonable amount. The gnomes could never hope to meet the generals expectations. They gave it their best, but the result was the same. When pay day came… to be continued (when the writer is less tired)

Hyril Ningel

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