Leolite Meliamne

Half Elf - Cleric/Ranger 1 - Neutral Good


Hit Point Maximum: 10
Hit Dice: d8
AC: 3
Strength 16 (plus 1 dmg.)
Dexterity 15 (Def -1)
Constitution 15 (plus 1 HP)
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 18 (+10% exp. / Atk w/ spells +4)
Charisma 10

Can Carry +350 Gold Weight
Infra-Red Sight – 60’
Bonus against “giant class” = to level
50% chance to surprise (only surprised on a 1)

Speaks: Common, Elvish, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, Gnoll

Typically wields: Bardiche (2-8), Bow & Arrow (1-6), Daggers (1-4)
Non-Weapon Profs: Healing and Animal Noise


Personal Info:
Age: 82
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Skin: Coppery
Hair: Brown
Typically Wears: A dark green cloak to blend into forest terrain, Gray Trousers, a Lighter Green Tunic.

Leolite entered this world through circumstances filled with conflict. His mother, Ellelnia Meliamne, an elf from a high house, found herself a victim of a boarder raid by a neighboring human tribe. In the midst of the turmoil, she was assaulted. The attacking human, who likely would have killed her after satisfying himself, was instead called away, as if by divine providence, to aid his comrades in defending themselves from the appearance of an angry Griffen. Whether the God’s had a hand in what happened that day, or not, I couldn’t say.

A young Leolite, however, upon hearing this story after coming of age, placed much significance upon it. His childhood had been full of grief. His mother was rather neglectful, because his presence reminded her of the trauma she had suffered; and it goes without saying what the rest of the elves thought of the little half elf – from a high house no less – a waste of elven blood. So Leolite was accustomed to spending his hours alone. It wasn’t a hard decision then, after hearing this tale, to strike out for a life of seclusion… that of a hermit… searching for spiritual enlightenment. For once in his life, Leolite had hope, that perhaps his existence had meaning, that perhaps life itself had meaning.

In the wilds and forests Leolite learned the ways of the land, developed the skills of a hunter… tracking, foraging, fighting. But, he became more than a simple ranger. In those woods Leolite was able to truly commune with nature… in the flowing of a stream, the shining of the sun, rough bark of the trees, and the soft falling leaves, death and life in harmony… through these things he found peace in his heart. Of course over time he found that harmony came by other names… Corellon Larethian: God of Magic, Music, Arts, Crafts, Poetry, and Warfare; and Aerdrie Faenya, The Winged Mother, the Lady of Air and Wind. Corellon, the creator and preserver of the Elven Race, and Aerdrie, using a creature of her domaine, had found something worth preserving in Leolite, leading Leolite to a life of devotion… that of a cleric.

Eventually, having regained a sense of peace, and a newfound devotion, Aerdrie and Corellon led Leolite to the conclusion that Enlightenment could not be fully achieved in seclusion… that one needed to be an active agent in life… and that the world needed more people who could work to make it better. Evil is not a stagnant force, and those who would seek harmony must fight to preserve it. So Leolite left the life of hermit behind, seeking out “civilization.” In an uncanny turn of events (divine providence perhaps?), while supping in the local tavern, in Caer Piragora, where Leolite had decided to rest for some time and work on those socially relevant skills he had no need of in the forests, Leolite was approached by a recruiter…..

Other Stuff:
- Due to spending most of his life in solitude, and the other part of his life in a High household, Leolite doesn’t really understand the value of money. He does know other people want it, and often tries to bribe people to achieve his goals. Also, since he has reentered the world, he also has a tendency to overindulge in worldly delights.
- Leolite often tries to connect everything that happens to him to a grand cosmic plan.
- Leolite believes strongly in the power of self knowledge – if you know yourself, there is nothing left to know.
- Leolite is still seeking the enlightenment he pursued in seclusion, but it still eludes him.

Leolite Meliamne

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