Dwarven Fighter|Thief, ex-gladiator ex-mercenary


Takiir Helmsplitter (aka. Takirr Helmsplitter)
Chaotic Neutral Dwarven Fighter|Thief
4’ 2" Tall

AC: 5 (Dodge 10-8, Armor 7-6)
HP: 9

Wields a scimitar for close-ranged combat and two throwing axes for long-ranged combat.
Wears dark red leather armor and padded running boots for silent movement.
Carries little else besides a pouch, rations, and thieving tools.

Languages known: Common, Dwarven, Gnome, Goblin, Kobold, Ogrish, and Orcish

Has a strong resistance towards magical attacks and poison (+5 to saving throws)

As a dwarf, Takiir has an inherent understanding of caves and passageways. He can sense sloping passageways (75%), detect new passageways (75%), detect sliding walls (66%), find stone traps (50%), and determine his own depth underground (50%).

As a thief, Takiir has a keen mind and knows how to get around undetected. He is skilled at climbing walls (75%) and picking locks (45%), and has an easy time disabling traps and picking pockets (35%). Although he is no master thief, he is able to move silently (20%), hide in shadows (15%), and hear quiet noises (10%) better than most.

Having been a slave miner, Takiir is proficient in mining (Wisdom, -3) and in stone-masonry (Strength, -2).


Takiir was born in a small mining town named Karik, where he lived his early childhood in relative solitude. At the young age of 20, however, Karik was raided, looted, and destroyed, with its inhabitants captured and sold into slavery by the raiders.

From here, Takiir’s life became nothing more than numbers of years of hard work scribbled next to his name as he was sold from slaver to slaver; three years working in the mines, eight years in ore processing, and another eleven years in the mines. By his mid 40’s, Takiir was bought by Orion, a slaver who ran a notorious gladiatorial ring, and was forced to participate.

As a slave gladiator, Takiir learned how to fight in his own way, not exactly the way and “honorable” dwarf would fight. His transgressions started in the ring, where he would sneak up behind his foe or throw sand in their eyes, but he quickly learned how to gain the advantage before the fight even began; eavesdropping on the enemy’s plans from across the hall, breaking into his opponent’s armory to dull their weapons, and even stealing better weapons from the guards became second nature to him.

At the age of 65 and after nearly 20 years in the arena, Takiir escaped his cell during a human drinking celebration and freed his fellow prisoners after stealing the keys from a drunken guard. As the prisoners happily found out, the handful of drunken human guards were nothing compared to the battle-hardened gladiators.

With his captors dead and the gladiatorial ring destroyed, Takiir was a free man for the first time in 45 years. He joined a local mercenary group of other escaped slaves that called themselves The Shade, where he was able to perfect his skills in hand-to-hand combat, stealth, and infiltration. And now, after ten years of service and camaraderie, Takiir has decided to step up once again and join this mysterious task force that has requested his presence, abandoning his old guild in favor for a more interesting challenge.


Stag Softhair