Weary and bloodied, the adventurers return to Althusa to find their return expected and observed by the officials of the Keep. Reunited, they answered the call to go to the Chapel and meet with Tharsavorsos and Pao-pao. Restored by the ministrations of the clergy, they sat down to have a serious discussion regarding the threats that have been uncovered by the earlier activities of the adventurers.

The centerpiece of the debate is the Fellpoint bone dagger. The symbol at its base has raised an alarm in the minds of the Steward, the Advisor and the Chief Priest, having been found etched on the foundations upon the rebuilding of the Keep generations before, as well as a small cave at the base of the hill.

Having gained at least the tacit support of the leadership of Althusa, and being reunited with Vician, the adventurers rested and prepared for the next morning. Their efforts to clear the caves to the northeast of Althusa have given them common cause with the Parthian Hargbed Neresh and his Council.

Girded for battle, the team set out for the caves again. Standing at the edge of the forest, Arradin, Leolite and Finn-Shee spy some watchers on the hill above the cave of their previous battle. After some discussion, Arradin notched two arrows in quick succession and took out the first of the two watchers. His satisfaction faded when a clanging alarm filled the valley.

In response to the likely rising threat, Leolite led the intrepid adventurers into the nearest cave entrance on the left, across from the scene of the combat with the kobolds the prior morning. Charging in, they quickly encountered a half-dozen goblins, also eager for battle. Javelins, axes and magical forces flew, clubs and blades rose and fell, and quickly the floor of the cavern was littered with dead and dying goblins. They gave some for what they got, drawing some blood from the adventurers. As they took down the last of the six before them, they could easily hear the preparations of another band of goblins toward the right at the intersection. Will they fare so well in the next, impending encounter?



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