Events Leading up to the Skeletal attack on the Keep

It is for your benefit that I write this brief account. Shortly after I, Hyril, arrived upon the scene along with my new barbarian/captain friend Alekderek, most of you simply disappeared. We did not have long to settle in, for as we began to take our evening rest at the inn, we were approached by Corporal Thane, seeking our help. It seems that Tharsavorsa and the other chief leader of this keep were out scouting the area after the mishap with the lizard men. During their scouting mission, they were seen to be ambushed, by the guards on the keep wall. So in response, we two roused ourselves and a small band of about 10 men to find their location and recover them if possible. The site of the ambush was easily discovered, with a burning wagon in the middle of the road. Quickly locating a nearby cave on the side of a hill, and hearing a voice calling for help, we rushed inside dispatching several flying bone beasts, like the one we had seen from afar previously. Around this time Arradin phased into the plane. He, and his two men quickly fell in line with our recovery mission. Speaking with the man who called for help, we found him to be a merchant with several missing guards. He asked us to recover his men if possible, eluding that Tharsavorsa and the other keep leader were drug further inside the caves. So we pushed forward, fighting many more undead and recovering several more guards. Finally we reached a chamber with three doors. The chamber at the far end contained a healing shrine, which may be useful in future expeditions. The doors opposite one another posed a quandary for some time. One seemed to lead to a dead end, while the other was unmovable and locked so that nothing we did could open it. After several moot brainstorming sessions, and a variety of tricks tried, we finally discovered the secret to the door. It could only be opened when the door opposite it was also open. Upon finally entering the room, we found Tharsavorsa, the other Keep Leader, and the rest of the merchants guards tied up. We also discovered some sort of undead cult leader and a bunch of undead minions, doing some evil voodoo with a black magic heart that dripped black ooze. Hoping to take out the lot of them by killing the heart, I launched an arrow at it, while Alekderek began dispatching the minions one by one. Arradin also fought heartily with his men. Our conscripted cleric also earned his pay, saving my life after a brutal hit. Eventually we dispatched all the undead and freed the captives. At this point, we healed up at the shrine, and decided to take a look deeper down into the dungeon, for a door in that final room led to a descending staircase. Unfortunately by now all our men were shaken up, and Arradin had left to take Tharsavorsa and the other Keep Leader to Paopao to be healed and mended; which left Alekderek and myself to descend alone. In the room we entered, we found a well of sorts, that seemed to enter another dimension perhaps. Also, along the walls were all sorts of different symbols, and passing vertically in a line up one wall was the evil symbol of infinity that we have gained some familiarity with. Alekderek decided to pour his holy water in the well, hoping to cleanse it if possible; however, instead it began to spew out evil skeletal birds, which he dispatched one by one, while I quickly jotted down a row of the symbols from one of the walls. Unable to face these overwhelming odds, we made a hasty retreat, while the well continued it evil vomit of creatures from the depths. Catching up with the freed merchant, guards, and our men, we double timed it back to the keep. There, it didn’t take long before we were called to the walls once more…



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